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Wide application considerations of steel structure engineering

With the rapid development of steel structures, steel structure engineering buildings have become a highlight of urban modernization. Steel house, most of the high-end community has become a symbol. Now that we are walking down the street, it has become commonplace. In many steel structures, steel structures are the most widely used.
1. The steel structure movable house is made of color steel plate, which is made of adhesive and rolled steel plate and polystyrene, and gives full play to the characteristics of different materials, so that it has good fire resistance, heat preservation and sound insulation properties.
2. All components of the steel structure movable house are pre-prepared by the official standardization of Dongguan Hongzhong Steel Structure Co., Ltd., which not only facilitates installation and disassembly, but also enriches the layout of the movable board house by freely adding, reducing, and changing the positions of doors, windows, and partitions. And the functionality of the house.
3. The use of recycled steel components for steel structural activities will be achieved through recycling. After the components have been galvanized, they will last for 20 years without any construction waste.
4. The complete assembly and disassembly of the steel structure movable house parts makes the house easy to transport and saves costs.
5. The steel structure system enables the steel structure mobile homes to have excellent resistance to the wind speed of 86.4km/h; the lightweight mobile boardhouse structure makes the houses show good performance in the event of an earthquake disaster that is equivalent to 8 degrees of earthquake fortification intensity. The integrity. Steel Structure Engineering.
6. The high-rise activity room adopts a cold-formed thin-walled light steel structure system, and the wall surface and roof are covered with colored steel composite sandwich panels.
7. The use of structural waterproofing for the high-graded mobile house surface enhances the airtightness and watertightness of the house.
8, light weight, easy to install the three main points of steel structure construction:
(1) Do a good job of preparatory work. Civil engineering construction is a more complex construction process and has a great influence on construction quality and construction progress. Before proceeding with construction, it is necessary to: (1) rationally design the construction drawings and strengthen the review of the design drawings; (2) listen carefully to the suggestions of on-site construction personnel to ensure that the construction drawings are perfect and then construct; (3) allow the construction personnel to understand the core technology and solve the construction in time The heavy and difficult problems improve the construction quality.
(2) Application of welding technology in steel structure construction. Welding work is also a core technology in civil engineering construction. When applying steel structure technology, it is necessary to: 1 actively prepare welding work, mainly prepare construction materials and construction tools, and strengthen safety protection; 2 require welding personnel to hold employment permits , Analysis of the factors that can easily affect the construction work during construction; 3 In the welding, after a project is completed, it must be inspected, clean the solder in the cracks, and at the same time check the welding quality to promote the progress of the welding work.
(3) Application of tower crane technology in steel structure construction. Tower crane construction is a commonly used technique in civil engineering construction and plays a significant role in the construction of steel structures. Tower crane equipment can be applied to a variety of strength and weight lifting, while also reducing the cost of the project. The internal girder type is a commonly used method in construction. In the process of tower crane, it must be operated in strict accordance with the standard of the tower crane to ensure the safety of the tower crane and improve the tower crane efficiency.
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