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What is the price per square meter of building a 12-meter high steel structure factory?

For example, there is a bias of 5% or so, and the smaller the cost is, the higher the cost is, including design fees, basic expenses, land survey fees, safety supervision, quality supervision, supervision fees, and so on.
3, 9 meters of high-mix steel structure plant spans 12 meters, 70 meters long (including overhead crane carrying 10T) about the cost per square meter?
The main steel volume is about 15KG per square meter, the amount of steel used for crane beams is about 5-7KG per square meter, the concrete beam and wall beam are about 5-7KG per square meter, the basis is calculated as 100-150 Yuan per square meter, others are Walltop roofing panels, doors and windows are just fine. The price of materials varies from region to region. Under normal circumstances, the cost is between 350-550 yuan/m2.
4, What is the amount of steel per square meter in a steel structure plant?
Light steel structures vary with span and size. Generally about 30~35KG per square meter of building area.
Some people say that it is 15 kilograms per square meter, not counting the puppets of steel columns, but also small!
There are many people who say that it is 15KG. They all say that they have been doing steel structures for many years, and they have installed it! I really don't know which one is right!
It is recommended that you consult with the cost management unit or ask the audit department. It is easy to ask questions from friends in the formal department. Don't look for small workshops in the streets. They will get their hands on the business first. The second step is to cut corners, and not rely on the normative spectrum.
5, then ask a span of 20 meters, spacing 6 meters, a total of 2160 square meters, no traffic beam and a beam of the need to use how much the amount of steel? This steel scrap steel C-shaping it?
Single-layer industrial buildings without cranes generally float up and down 5kg.
You can ask several steel companies to hear what they say. Design institutes are generally more conservative than steel companies, and they use 20% to 60% more steel.
6, a span of 20 meters, a distance of 6 meters, a total of 2160 square meters, no traffic beam and a beam of traffic need how much steel?
Excluding cranes, generally, light steel is about 30kg per square meter, and about 40kg of cranes are used. 30kg is already the normal amount of steel used in light steel plants, and low is almost impossible unless the kind of small workshop with a span of 78m is used. , can use the channel steel to do the column. It is impossible to do so low under normal circumstances.
7, I would like to ask the general steel structure factory about how much money a square. There is a 5-ton crane beam spanning 24 meters.
In fact, we must also look at the area. The larger the area, the lower the unilateral cost is, and the lower the price is, the more 5,000 square meters will be used. In general, the amount of steel used in the beam and beam unit is about 18 kilograms and about 5 tons of cranes. The unit steel volume is about 5 kilograms. And sub-components are about 7 kg of wall purlins and sub-structures are about 3 kg so the entire project's steel consumption is about 33 kg per square metre. Generally speaking, the unilateral cost is about 350 blocks, and today's price does not include (Hydropower, civil works, fire protection, foundations, design fees).
The price of steel structure workshops must have certain basic conditions to compare, such as the thickness of the imported or domestic color plates, the coating, the material and thickness of the insulation layer, whether there is a skylight, the opening and span of the workshop, the tonnage of cranes and cranes, Many factors, such as the grade of the work system, are related, and the influence of the regional price difference and the qualification level of the construction unit cannot be ignored. The cost is mainly related to steel beams.
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