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Company Culture
Core Values: Learn to behave, keep your promises, success on business
Development Concept: Built Grand Blueprint, Focus on Quality Service, Industry Reputation, Creat Steel Structure Boutique
Business philosophy: Integrity and trustworthiness, cooperation and win-win
Management concept: safety and efficient, innovation and development, quality first, heart service
Employment concept: meritocracy, fair competition, respect for human value, development of human potential, sublimation of human mind
Company spirit
Diligence, tenacity, responsibility, innovation
Diligence: Study, thinking, exploration, practice,serious, doing everything well, not afraid of suffering and tired.
Tenacity: Perseverance, determination, courage to undertake arduous tasks, and lasting fortitude and determination.
Responsibilities: Love jobs, fulfill due diligence, adhere to principles, and be brave enough to take on the responsibility of developing companies.
Innovation: Good at accumulating, good at thinking, brave to change, and brave to innovate.
Working style
Unity, pragmatism, honesty, responsibility
Unity: Unity is power, accommodate superiors and subordinates, accommodate others and yourself, Sincere cooperation.
Pragmatic: Actual requirements, seeks truth from facts, tells the truth, does practical work, emphasizes practicality, seeks practical results.
Integrity: Treat each other with sincerity, make friends with integrity, keeping promises, must do what you say, get results from what you do.
Responsibilityes: Abandon personal gains and losses, emphasizing responsibility. Do not shirk work, do not find any excuse, responsibility, courage to take responsibility, able to take on important work.
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