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What are the advantages of using wooden planks in steel sandwich

With a steel structure as a sandwich, it is advisable to use wood flooring on the sandwich. Although people walk on it, the wood will be a bit louder. However, compared to concrete for sandwich floors, the wood is lightly weightable, and even if the concrete has too much weight, the management office does not give approval. If the span is not large, you can use the 10th channel steel + 50*50 angle iron staggered + plywood to do the sandwich.
1. The space and floor height separated by the mezzanine should meet the function.
2. The main material of the sandwich (usually the practice of large-scale sandwich is H-beam to be cast-in-place concrete after beam compression steel plate surfacing), the use model of H-steel, the thickness and specifications of embedded parts, the specifications and quantity of high-strength bolts should be In accordance with steel design specifications.
3, if it is a small sandwich, the general material for the square tube and angle steel, it should also meet the overall requirements of the force, and its calculation method also refers to the steel design specifications.
4. Its overall weight should be within the force range of the main girder or main frame and it will not affect the main structure.
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