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What skills do professional steel structural design technicians need?

With the wide use of steel structures in construction projects, the requirements for modern steel structure design and technical personnel are getting higher and higher. After investigation and recruitment requirements of our Guangzhou Steel Structure Company, a professional steel structure designer needs to clearly understand the following: skill!
First, it has a wealth of hoisting technical skills and lifting site construction experience.
1. He has experience in engineering in the lifting of several large industrial plants and he is familiar with the mechanical characteristics of car cranes and tire hangers.
2. Engaged in earthwork lifting techniques and conducted the design and application of single-pole masts, ergonomic masts, stiletto masts, portals, and tripods.
3. Ability to quickly design, calculate, and select hoisting rigs without any books or materials.
4. The 1-3 problem-solving methods and construction requirements can be promptly put forward for the installation technical problems that appear on the site.
Second, with comprehensive steel structure design, manufacturing, and installation engineering and technical skills, there are several large-scale steel structure works on the steel structure design, and at least more than 10 complex steel structure design experience should be clear and Understand the basic content and characteristics of the three "Code for Design of Steel Structures" promulgated by China in different periods. In the production of proficient in steel structure production technology, familiar with the welding deformation and welding shrinkage law, and can accurately calculate the welding shrinkage, proficient in all kinds of steel structure processing technology and tooling tire design. He has more than 50 experience in organizing and leading steel structure processing technology work projects, especially in installing engineering techniques and skills, and has rich construction experience and ultra-high ability to solve problems.
Third, proficient in the design, manufacture and use of tower cranes.
1. Be familiar with the use of other cranes.
2. At least a comprehensive understanding of the type of tower crane used in high-rise steel structure engineering and master the structure characteristics.
3. Skilled accurate calculation of the combined displacement of the tower crane's boom, tower body, and hoisting wire rope at fixed point assembly, including both vertical and horizontal active surfaces.
4. Judging the bearing capacity of the steel frame according to the actual anchoring force. When installing the steel structure, the influence of this factor on the installation process is fully taken into account, and the force of the climbing condition of the tower crane is analyzed and calculated.
5. Judging the bearing capacity of the steel frame according to the actual force. The influence of this factor on the installation process and installation quality is fully taken into account when installing the steel structure.
Fourth, master the on-site construction design and plan development and implementation.
V. Be familiar with the national regulations and standards related to steel construction projects.
Such as: steel structure and concrete structure design specification, quality acceptance specification, steel pipe scaffold specification, tower crane design specification and related safety construction specifications.
6. Master the technical status of the construction team of the company.
7. Grasp the status quo of the series of engineering technicians and their respective post responsibility system.
VIII. Understand and master the state of construction technology and technology of similar projects at home and abroad.
Nine, proficient in economic analysis skills of steel structure engineering. Skilled mastering the installation project cost budget.
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