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What is the principle of the construction of a steel structure spiral staircase?

What are the construction principles of the steel structure spiral staircase? The spiral staircase is also called the spiral or spiral staircase. It is beautiful and elegant in shape, and it occupies a small space and is highly popular. Spiral staircases are generally arranged around a single column. The plane is circular and the platforms and steps are all fan-shaped. The spiral staircase has a very small width on the inner side of the tread, which forms a steep slope and the structure is complicated.
Spiral staircase is a good choice for saving space. The opening of the spiral staircase can be large or small. If the space is relatively small, the size of the opening can be properly adjusted.
Now most of the spiral staircases are center pillar rotary staircases. There is only one stress point for such a staircase. It is easy for the stepping board to move up and down. If the greater the radius of the stairs is, the more violent the swing is, this is also the center column rotation type. Stairs exist in common features.
A spiral staircase without a center column is mainly supported by a helix beam or a stair rail under the tread plate. A spiral staircase without a center column is more complicated than a spiral staircase with a center column.
Spiral staircases generally cannot be used as main pedestrian traffic and evacuation stairs, and are often used in office buildings, residential buildings, and interiors where there are few floors.
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