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What are the principles to be followed in the design of steel villa gardens?

The principle of the steel structure courtyard design, I believe we have seen a lot, today Guangzhou steel structure Xiao Bian to explain the details of the courtyard design in detail, through these principles for the detailed treatment of the courtyard, to give you a resolution, let Everyone has a deep understanding of the classic design principles of the courtyard:
First, the principle of diversity and unity: There are many aspects to the unified use of the courtyard, such as forms and styles, gardening materials, colors, lines, etc., from the whole to the locality, emphasis should be placed on unity, but over-unification becomes rigid and neglectful. Unification is a mess.
Therefore, we often add a variety on the basis of unity. This means that we need to seek unity among changes and avoid becoming a smorgasbord. At present, the following three types of courtyards are popular in the world:
1. Natural courtyard - In the 20th century, people put forward the slogan of “returning to nature”. The nature of clothing, food, housing, and transportation are all pursuing nature. The form of the courtyard is no exception.
2, Western-style courtyard - also known as a regular courtyard. In the current economically developed society, the courtyard gradually flourished and became more and more intense, resulting in the formation of a large area of ​​artificially created non-natural landscapes.
3, mixed courtyard - originally mixed and unified are contradictory, but the natural and Western style in the same courtyard mixed applications have become quite popular, and become a "style."
Second, the principle of balance: Balance is the amount of interest and sensation that people have on both sides of the visual center and in front of the scene.
If there is a pair of objects with the same mass and quality in front, a pair of lions will have a sense of balance. This principle should also be taken into account in courtyard design.
Third, the principle of proportionality: Everywhere in the design of the courtyard, it is necessary to consider the relationship between the proportions, the ratio of the local to the global, and the small to the small part of the wood and the environment. Once the proportion is lost, the taster can easily find out. Just as the facial features of a person's face can be reputed as "beauty" when the proportion is appropriate, it is conceivable.
Fourth, the principle of rhythm: in music or poetry, according to a certain law repeated appearance of similar phonology is called rhyme.
The same is true for designing courtyards. Only by skillfully applying the synchronization of multiple rhythms can the rhythm be obtained.
Fifth, the principle of comparison: In the courtyard design, in order to highlight a certain part of the landscape in the park, the scenery that is opposed to its shape, color, texture, etc. is placed together with it to create a strong dramatic effect and also to give Visitors have a distinct aesthetic appeal.
6. Principle of Harmony: Harmony refers to the fact that the color, shape, line, etc. of a scene in a courtyard give people a sense of harmony in both time and space.
VII. The principle of texture: Texture refers to the degree of thickness of the surface structure of living and non-living organisms in the courtyard, and the resulting feeling.
Such as a soft lawn, dark green moss even and delicate, people can not bear to step on it, if placed next to a river sand in a smooth stone, this group of texture similar scenes will clearly show the beauty of coordination.
Eight, the simple principle: "simple" is used in the design of the courtyard refers to the arrangement of the scenery is mainly simple and elegant.
Natural beauty is the point of deliberate pursuit and imitation in the design of the courtyard. The natural beauty is sublimated to the beauty of art through a series of refinements. Just as Western gardeners put forward the principle of "simple and beautiful", they should choose between simple and elegant principles.
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