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750 Closed type galvanized floor deck
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Galvalume steel plants,bent cold into forms and pressed with concave traces to the adhesion of concrete cement and steel boards as well as the steel plant strength,are used for 880 pressure combination floor-supporting boards. With the large strength of the sectional plates and great supporting force, the products are also used as work platforms, permanents and floor steel frames to accelerate the construction and reduce the consumption and loss. Applicable to commercial buildings, residential industrial buildings as floor construction.

Usage: High-rise buildings, civil construction of commercial buildings and double-deck of building.


1. Convenient and fast construction, to accelerate construction speed and shorten the investment cycle.

2. The building with floor-supporting boards has high anti-earthquake strength and effective crack control.

3. To protect the concrete structure, reduce the harmfulness from Oxidation,insect pest and high temperature.

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