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Steel Structure Helps Safeguard Housing Construction

In July 2010, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development proposed that 5.8 million sets of affordable housing be completed in 2010. On September 20, 2010, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development requested further clarification of the tax and fee reduction policy for affordable housing projects and explored the overall use of various types of affordable housing grant funds. It was stipulated that by the end of September, all safe housing housing projects must be completed. Starting construction, the completion of the year-end or basically completed to reach more than 60%. Up to now, the project of affordable housing has completed a total investment of 470 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the annual plan. The central government allocated 69.2 billion yuan in special subsidies.
According to industry insiders' analysis, from the 2010 construction plan, the country plans to add 3 million sets of affordable housing, 2.8 million sets of transformation of various shanty towns, 1.2 million sets of renovation of rural dilapidated buildings, and 60,000 sets of nomadic residents, for a total of 7.06 million. set. Taking into account the strict accountability mechanism of local governments and the responsibility book of 2010 for affordable housing construction signed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and local governments, it is expected that the start of affordable housing will be strictly implemented in 2010. The starting area will be significantly higher than in 2009.
Experts in the industry pointed out that steel-structured houses can be conveniently factory-scaled, standardized, precision-controlled, streamlined, and can be assembled and installed, with a high degree of science and technology and conducive to systematic and systematic production. If a large number of steel structures are used in affordable housing, this will greatly promote China's housing industry and find the best application channel for construction steel.
With the implementation of the strategy of building a conservation-minded society and a low-carbon economy in China, the national relevant technology industrial policy has further intensified efforts to promote the development of steel-structured dwellings. The relevant state departments have issued steel structures, design, manufacturing, and construction related to building steel structures successively. National standards and regulations, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Science and Technology Division organized 36 steel structure residential building systems and key technology research topics, and carry out pilot projects. In 2001, the former Ministry of Construction’s Science and Technology Development Promotion Center issued the “Guidelines for the Industrialization of Residential Buildings with Steel Structures” and later promulgated the “Design Rules for Steel Structured Residences”. On the basis of trials in various provinces and cities, the standardization of China’s engineering construction The “Code for the Design of Steel Structure Houses” approved and issued by the Association was implemented on November 1, 2009. The introduction of these policies, standards, and specifications has played a positive role in the development of steel structure housing.
From the late 1990s to the present, with the rapid growth of China's steel production, construction steel has entered a new historical stage. According to statistics from related departments, at the end of 2008, China’s steel output exceeded 500 million tons, which is more than the sum of steel output of Japan and the United States. Experts in the industry believe that while the country continues to strengthen the macro-control of real estate to curb excessive housing prices, at the same time, the state has increased the construction of affordable housing such as low-rent housing and affordable housing, undoubtedly stimulating the demand for construction steel.
The steel used for construction of affordable housing mainly consists of construction steel such as threads, wire rods, and round steel, and the demand is large. According to statistics, the general high-rise buildings use about 0.08 tons of steel per square meter, and the multi-storey buildings use 0.05 tons to 0.06 tons of steel per square meter. The consumption of steel per square meter for a 6-storey, 8-storey, high-rise residential building is between 0.058 tons and 0.065 tons (Shanghai Construction Engineering Design Institute data), mainly for rebar and wire rods. So the national 5.8 million sets of 319 million square meters of floor area of ​​steel used to reach 18.502 million tons of 20.735 million tons, according to 60% of the conservative completion of the calculation, in 2010 the amount of steel for affordable housing 11.1 million tons - 12.4 million t, accounting for 5.78% of the 192 million tons of steel used for real estate in 2009. It can be seen that the construction of affordable housing will provide a vast market for steel structures.
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