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Guangzhou steel structure construction pursues ‘six zero’ concept

As the chief representative of green building, steel structure construction not only considers the carrying capacity of the project, but also considers the ecological carrying capacity. In the whole life cycle of the building, it not only satisfies the various demands of building functions, but also effectively handles the dialectical relationship between building energy conservation, land saving, water saving, material saving, and environmental protection, and is a pair of urbanization. A structure with a small impact on the natural environment.
In order to develop the interests of the company, Guangzhou Steel Structure Construction Company pursued the ‘six zero’ concept for steel construction. Here are:
"Zero Capital" - The ultimate limit is to use steel and other renewable capital as building materials, and to use circularly to reduce construction waste;
"Zero energy consumption" - the use of new energy-saving insulation and ventilation of supporting building materials, passive energy-saving air-conditioning skills and clean energy integration application skills, to minimize energy consumption throughout the construction life cycle;
"Zero Emissions" - Use rainwater recycling and residue treatment to reduce pollutant emissions;
“Zero Pollution”—Using modern steel structures to create green skills, industrialization, standardization, and integrated production, rapid installation on site, reducing noise during construction, air pollution, and sewage discharge;
“Zero site”—move the critical components and components required by the construction site to the indoor factory for production. After the completion, the site is rapidly assembled to improve the effectiveness of the work and shorten the construction period.
“Zero Distance”—finalization of structural components, serialization of supply, factory production, installation of construction, zero-distance construction imitation and pre-assembly before construction, and application of the intelligent control system of the Internet of Things to construction quality and safety during construction. Zero-distance monitoring allows zero-distance health monitoring throughout the entire life cycle of the building. Hangxiao Steel Structure is the first steel structure national residential industrialization base.
With the “six zeros” as the norm, establish a new model for the development and construction of the entire life cycle of a building from planning, planning, creation, use, and removal, planning and creating a new generation of modern steel structure residences that are satisfied with industrialization, standardization, and industrialization. Building products will play a leading role in accelerating the process of industrialization of housing, improving the safety functions and quality of housing, altering production methods of housing, promoting energy conservation, and reducing consumption of green and low-carbon buildings.
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